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Top 10 Things Most People Do Not Know

1 The McDonald’s “coffee” case is a just result when you know all the facts.
2 Most good Personal Injury lawyers are honest people who care about their clients.
3 You would never trade places with someone who has $1 million settlement.
4 Juries usually get it right.
5 Judges watch over juries to make sure they get it right.
6 Appellate judges watch over judges that watch over juries.
7 Lawsuit filings are way down over the last five 5 Years (statistics to follow).
8 Smart lawyers don’t typically bring bad cases because they know they won’t get paid (i.e. the contingency fee system works).
9 You need a “serious injury” to successfully pursue a car accident case even if you were hit by a drunk driver.
10 The wrongful death of an innocent child in New York is worth no more than approximately $100,000, without proof of prolonged, conscious pain and suffering..