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Thursday, December, 7, 2023

5 Reasons Buttafuoco & Associates are Chicago’s Best Injury Lawyers

Buttafuoco & Associates, PLLC has spent years innovating and revising its practices to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients. If you are looking for the best injury lawyers in Chicago, here are five reasons we believe our law firm has earned that distinction.

  1. We represent the “little guy” against rich and powerful corporate interests, especially insurance companies.

    Buttafuoco & Associates, PLLC is the champion for the hardworking residents of Chicago who have suffered an injury or a death in the family due to another’s negligence. We represent people whose doctors failed to uphold their duty of care; drivers injured in wrecks with distracted motorists; and workers harmed while performing their job duties.
    When you file an injury claim, you are fighting the insurance companies for your right to compensation for your damages. They have legal teams of their own that will fight back – we are here to level the playing field so you have a fair shot at a substantial settlement.

  2. We do not give in to insurance company tricks.

    Most lawyers who take personal injury cases will only fight for their clients for so long before they give into the insurance company’s low offers. We have won multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients because we refuse to settle until the offer covers the full extent of damages caused by the defendant’s negligence.
    Insurance adjusters will try to get claimants to talk to them alone, admit to things that are not their fault, or accept a quick (and too low) settlement. When we step in, we protect our clients from these tricks and protect their right to fight for a fair settlement.

  3. We stand by our moral standards and values.

    Senior partner and founder of Buttafuoco & Associates, Daniel Buttafuoco, is an attorney with a strong moral compass. He believes that people deserve a fair chance at protecting what is most important to them – family, health, finances.

    Daniel’s sense of justice and duty to his fellow man extends to the entire Buttafuoco & Associates team. We do everything in our power to fight injustices against our Chicago neighbors and hold insurers or companies accountable for the compensation they owe them.

  4. We care about the whole person.

    When an accident causes catastrophic or fatal injuries, it can affect a person and his family in so many ways. From medical expenses to emotional damages, there are aspects of personal injury claims that the insurance companies never consider – but we do.

    Buttafuoco & Associates approaches each case from multiple angles.

    • What are the estimated current and future medical costs for our clients’ injuries?
    • How do our clients’ injuries affect their ability to work?
    • Do our clients’ injuries prevent them from contributing to their household as they used to?
    • How are our clients’ injuries affecting their emotional state? Their families’ emotional state?
    • What are the long-term damages our client may expect from their injuries?

    We consider the long-term, how an injury to a person now can affect him or her and their family both physically and emotionally over the years. A serious injury or loss of a loved one is a life-changing event. Our team makes sure to consider everything related to that event when negotiating and accepting a settlement for your case.

  5. We offer services to our clients that most other law firms do not.

    It is rare to find a personal injury law firm that will help its clients obtain medical care without insurance, get a pre-settlement loan, and build a personal support network. These are just a few of the extra services Buttafuoco & Associates, PLLC provides to its clients to ensure their safety and sanity during the injury claim process.

Experience the Difference in Legal Service at Buttafuoco & Associates

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