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The state of Illinois is a hub for railroad travel originating from many areas of the country. Accidents are infrequent, but when they occur, they often cause massive damage, as well as severe injuries and fatalities. If your loved one sustained fatal injuries in a train accident or if you were injured in one, you might be able to file a claim against the responsible party. With help from a Cook County train accident lawyer, you can seek compensation for damages.

Common Types of Railway Accidents

Our firm has been helping victims with their injury and wrongful death cases for over 30 years, some of which have involved railroad accidents. Some of the most common types of railway accidents include the following.

  • Chicago Transit Authority Metra trains
  • Freight and cargo trains
  • Train derailment accidents
  • Auto accidents at railroad crossings

Cause for Train Accidents

There are numerous causes of train accidents, from repair issues to drivers not paying attention. For every train accident, the Federal Railroad Administration codes it into one of the following five categories based on the primary cause.

  • Track, roadbed or structure issues – Causes in this category include fault with the tracks, rail anchoring, joint bars, switches, and track appliances.
  • Signal and communication – All malfunctions or errors with signal or communication equipment are included in this category, such as computer system management errors, power switch failures, and defective remote control transmitters.
  • Human factors – Human errors that contribute to train accidents include not applying the brakes as required, intoxication, sleep deprivation, not following general switching rules, speeding, and incorrect use of switches.
  • Mechanical and electrical failures – This category of causes includes failures with myriad components such as the brakes, trailers, axles, wheels, locomotives, doors, and general electrical failure.
  • Miscellaneous causes – All other causes are listed in the miscellaneous category. Examples include environment conditions, improper loading procedures, and highway-railway crossing accidents.

Holding Train Companies Liable for Damages

If the train operator or carrier was negligent in some manner and you suffered an injury or lost your loved one as a result, you may have just cause to file a lawsuit. You’ll need to be able to show, through testimonies and other evidence, that the carrier was, in fact, at-fault for the accident.

For example, early in the morning on March 24, 2014, a Chicago Transit Authority train collided with the post near the end of the pocket track at O’Hare Station. Thirty-three passengers were injured. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that “the probable cause of the accident was the failure of the train operator to stop the train at the appropriate signal due to falling asleep as a result of fatigue, which was the result of the challenges of working shift work, circadian factors, and acute sleep loss resulting from her ineffective off-duty time management. In addition, Chicago Transit Authority failed to effectively manage the operator’s work schedule to mitigate the risk of fatigue.”

Because the train company did not uphold its duty of care to its passengers, it’s likely that personal injury claims or lawsuits might be warranted.

Speaking to a Cook County Train Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a train crash, we encourage you to call one of our caring, skilled train accident lawyers at Buttafuoco & Associates. We can review the details surrounding the accident and help you hold any negligent parties responsible for your damages. If you qualify, you may be able to recover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Similarly, if your loved one was killed, you can also recover loss of future support and funeral expenses.

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