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Union Electrician Injured At Work

Union Electrician Injured at Work Finds Workers’ Compensation Payments Will Not Be Enough

Every so often we take on a client who is extremely anxious about getting their case settled quickly. At Buttafuoco & Associates we pride ourselves on settling cases as quickly as possible, while giving all cases the attention they deserve. Such was the case with our client in this story, a union electrician injured at work while moving some heavy cable wire. He filed a workers’ compensation claim but soon found out that his injuries made it impossible for him return to his previous job.

Anxiety Leads to Desperation

Our client came to Buttafuoco & Associates anxious to get his settlement and end his case quickly, but sometimes that is not possible. We know that workers’ compensation claims can take time because you are dealing with both workers’ compensation insurance attorneys and union officials.

One of the biggest challenges in this claim was keeping our client calm and reassuring him that his case would settle. We were able to give him an estimated settlement and timeframe to ease his mind.

Still, at one point while working on his case, our client was frustrated with the pace of his claim and threatened to take his case to his union lawyer. We knew the law firm his union retained and warned him that they could not make his settlement come any faster than we could.

Truth be told, the firm had a reputation of being big in name but light in court appearances. Had he switched, not only would his claim have lost all the steam we were building up, but we believe his settlement would have been delayed further and likely garnered a lower sum. Had he gone to the union’s firm, he would have been a case number and a file, not a person with a name, a face, and a future that we wanted to make better.

Winning His Trust, Winning a Settlement

After months of working with our client and reassuring him that we would get him a worthwhile settlement, his patience and our perseverance paid off. We brought a lawsuit against the general contractor on his job site for failing to have the proper safety equipment in place at the time of our clients’ injury.

The lawsuit settled before a Brooklyn jury for a multi-million-dollar settlement and our client was in awe. Just as we had predicted in our initial meeting and reassured him throughout the process, his case settled at the exact time and for the exact amount we estimated.

We attribute much of our success in this case to Mark Freely, one of our partners and an expert in construction site injury claims. He is the mastermind behind many of our top settlements for heavy construction injury claims and understands the ins and outs of the Brooklyn court system.

We did not just win our client his rightful settlement. We also won his trust and respect. After his settlement, we set him up with an investment advisor to help him ensure his settlement would last his lifetime. We were also able to negotiate a lower workers’ compensation lien so more of his settlement stayed in his pocket.