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Get in Touch with a Cook County Aviation Accident Lawyer after a Plane Wreck

There are only a handful of aviation accidents each year, but they are often massive incidents that cause multiple fatalities. If you lost your loved one in a plane accident or if you were injured in a crash or en route, you likely are eligible to file a claim or lawsuit against the carrier to obtain compensation for damages. Illinois residents are welcome to call a Cook County aviation accident lawyer at Buttafuoco & Associates for a free legal consultation.

Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) keeps tabs on all airplane accidents that occur. They’ve compiled their findings in an online database, referred to as the “Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents” library.

The FAA notes that the number-one cause of aviation accidents is human error. “This is the most common of all accident themes and exists in one form or another on nearly all accidents. It involves humans that, in the course of doing their work, make errors that are later shown to have caused, or substantially contributed to the accident. These are human actions that, if done correctly, result in a safe outcome, but if done incorrectly, can result in an accident,” the agency provides.

Below are some of the other common contributing factors and accident themes the FAA has recognized.

  • Loss of control, e.g., avionics confusion, inclement weather/icing, improper piloting technique, uncommanded thrust reversal, in-flight upsets and wind shear.
  • Approach and landing issues, e.g., crew management problems, hazardous cargo, fuel exhaustion, engine failure, and uncontrolled fire and smoke.
  • Flawed human assumptions when making safety determinations for the design, operation, and maintenance of the airplane
  • Disorganization or a breakdown of protocols and practices, such as fleet-wide activities that are later found to be deficient, or safety information not being correctly relayed to intended personnel
  • Preexisting failures in the airplane’s components
  • Changes, innovations or new processes added for benefit but wind up causing an undesirable outcome

Airlines owe passengers a high duty of care.

The government holds all carriers to a very high duty of care to its passengers. This includes airlines, biplane companies, helicopter tour companies and other aviation passenger service providers. If ever an airline neglects its duty and acts or fails to act in such a way that causes passengers injury or death, the carrier can be held liable for the damages.

The Illinois Circuit Court explains in Section 100.01 of the Particularized Standards of Conduct, “A common carrier [such as an airline] is not a guarantor of its passengers’ safety, but it has a duty to its passengers to use the highest degree of care consistent with the mode of conveyance used and the practical operation of its business as a common carrier by [air]. Its failure to fulfill this duty is negligence.”

In other words, carriers have to take every reasonable action to ensure their passengers are not exposed to unnecessary risk of injury or death. One simple mistake or oversight can cause devastation in the air, so airlines need to be on their A-game at all times. Their duty of care includes tasks such as hiring qualified personnel, ensuring the fleets are always in good working order, and utilizing organized processes. Failure to do so makes the company legally liable.

Lose a loved one in an aviation accident? Call our firm for counsel.

If your loved one was recently killed in an aviation accident or if you were injured in one, we encourage you to call our accident lawyers at Buttafuoco & Associates. Many of our aviation accident cases are based on the following.

  • Faulty Equipment
  • FAA Regulation Violations
  • Pilot Errors
  • Problems in the Design or Structure of an Aircraft
  • Flight Service Station Employee Negligence
  • Negligence in a Third-party Selection of a Carrier
  • Federal Air Traffic Controller Negligence

If there was negligence involved, we can help you file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party and fight for a fair and full settlement for you. Contact us today at 1-800-NOW-HURT to schedule a free consultation.