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Elderly Pedestrian Accident

Second Chance after Elderly Pedestrian Accident

Your retirement is supposed to be your golden years, a carefree and relaxing time to enjoy life and your family; it is not the time to deal with injuries from a pedestrian accident like our elderly client was forced to.

Our client who lived on the Eastern tip of Long Island was making the most of his retirement: fishing, woodcarving, and painting. He loved exploring the outdoors and drew inspiration from the beauty of nature.

He was managing his health well, even in light of some serious conditions like congestive heart failure. As part of his doctors’ orders to improve his health, he took daily walks around North Fork. It was on one of these daily trips that tragedy struck. He was walking around town when a car hit him in the crosswalk.

A Retiree Fights for His Life and Later His Settlement

After the accident, a helicopter transported our client to a trauma center for care. His injuries were extensive and it was touch-and-go for a while until doctors were able to stabilize him. The medical costs quickly jumped up into the hundreds of thousands, and health insurance only covered small parts of his care. His retirement fund seemed to vanish before his eyes as the cost of his care kept rising.

It was then that our client decided to seek legal help from a local Long Island attorney. After hearing his case, the attorney knew he was dealing with a matter that was beyond his experience and referred the elderly man to the car accident attorneys at Buttafuoco & Associates.

Once we became involved, we jumped on the claim, filing against the driver’s insurance policy. The insurance company countered the claim, saying, “Your client was old and was going to die soon anyway; this case is not worth much money.”

Age Does Not Matter in this Injury Settlement

Regardless of the plaintiff’s age, if he suffered injuries due to the negligence of another, he deserves compensation. We would not take this gross insult as an answer, and vigorously pursued the claim in a court trial. Finally, the insurance company’s attorney saw the “error of his ways” and finally agreed to the policy terms. Our client and his family won a multi-million dollar settlement as per the policy limits.

Thanks to the efforts of Buttafuoco & Associates, our client is now set for life. We even helped his family find an engineer who specialized in building renovations for the physically challenged. This allowed our client to regain his independence and live comfortably in his own home.