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Delayed Diagnosis of Stroke

Daughter’s Life Ruined By Delayed Diagnosis of Stroke

Many families immigrate to the United States in search of safe, trustworthy medical care. This was the case of a wonderful Christian family that was doing its best to adjust to U.S. life and help serve the community when tragedy struck. Our client’s adult daughter was the victim of negligence in the form of a delayed diagnosis of stroke.

The family believes that the delayed diagnosis caused massive damage, especially to her cognitive abilities. The misdiagnosis resulted in delayed treatment that could have potentially prevented the extensive mental damage.

A Single Act of Negligence, a Lifetime of Suffering

Due to the doctors’ misdiagnosis, the daughter suffered severe cognitive decline following the stroke. She now requires round-the-clock aides, professional services that her mother could not afford on her own. With a newly disabled daughter, rising medical costs, and the burden of long-term care on her shoulders, the mother turned to Buttafuoco & Associates to seek justice.

The Buttafuoco firm looked into the facts of the case, checking medical records and calling upon medical experts to testify as evidence for their malpractice claim. The hospital and physicians accused in this case were under the protection of the State of New Jersey, as it was a state-run hospital. This meant the case had to be ironclad and the evidence needed to show without any doubt that the misdiagnosis of the doctors lead to the daughter’s cognitive function loss.

Our experts reviewed the records of the initial hospitalization and treatment and were able to confirm that had the daughter received proper treatment from the beginning, her cognitive damage would not have been as severe. She would have likely avoided the permanent mental disability her family now has to help her live with.

Seeking Justice for Permanent Damages

After gathering the necessary research into this case, we partnered with one of our esteemed affiliate trial lawyers. This firm is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and was best suited to take on the State of New Jersey. Through the investigative and negotiation skills of this highly exclusive group of trial lawyers, we were able to secure a $7,750,000 verdict for our client.

She was ecstatic, knowing that her daughter’s care would never be lacking now that she had the financial resources to provide for her for years to come.

A mix of quick action and dedication from the medical malpractice team at Buttafuoco & Associates relieved a mother’s greatest fear – that she could not give her daughter the care she so desperately needed.

The settlement was not just a victory for the mother and daughter, but also to their entire family who rallied around the pair after the tragic accident. Family members who helped care for the daughter when resources were exhausted are relieved knowing that their efforts were not in vain; because of the funds won in this case, the mother can hire professional aides to care for her daughter and restore the family financially.