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Slip and Fall Injuries

Have you or a friend/family member recently been a victim of a slip and fall accident? Just because you slip or trip and fall doesn’t mean you are a “klutz” and solely responsible for your injuries. It all depends upon what caused you to fall. Was there a defect on the floor (like a raised or cracked surface tile or sidewalk) or perhaps a pothole defect? Sometimes people fall because there is a “foreign substance” on the floor that is slippery (like oil, floor wax, water or ice, or even something that has broken in a supermarket). Our firm has handled many “fall” cases over the years – one client fell on an overwaxed dance floor, one on icy steps outside a diner, one elderly gentleman tripped over a broken, uneven sidewalk.

There are many conditions that are “unreasonably dangerous” that cause people to take serious falls that result in all types of injuries (occasionally, even in death!).

Falls are serious, especially in older people. It is not uncommon to have fractured hips and major surgeries resulting from a serious fall.

A property owner or business or homeowner must keep the floor and ground in “reasonably safe condition”. If not, then you can sue (slip and fall) provided they had some notice (or should have known) of the condition.

In these cases it is extremely important to 1) make an immediate report 2) take photos as soon as possible and 3) call us immediately if you or a loved one is seriously injured in a fall at 1-800-Now-Hurt. Time is important in these cases because conditions change rapidly.

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